This is NOT a bucket list.

It is a list of challenges, not a collection of 'to-dos-before-I-die'.

It is a backlog of foolish dreams, authentic passions and worthwhile endeavours.

It shows the evolving boundaries within which I want to explore my life.

It is a tool and a reminder for me, that I must keep exploring and live a live without regret.

@Impossible List
(Mental maintenance & growth)

>> Read, Meditate & Journal daily <<

Know all official country names by heart
Experiment with Incremental Reading
Read 1000 books (100/1000)
Read through the Harvard classics

Rational Living

Complete a "30-day Cold Shower" Challenge (Jul '16)
Complete a "90-day Cold Shower" Challenge (Aug '17)

Reach English Level C1 (Jun '14)
Reach English Level C2 (Jun '16)
Reach & Maintain Spanish CERF B1
Reach Thai Level CERF B1

Meditate daily for a year (100/365)
Attend a 7-day Meditation Retreat in Thailand

(Physical maintenance & growth)

>> Exercise 3 times a week. No Excuses! <<

Defeat the Snooze button once and for all (May '16)
Figure out my chronotype
Figure out how much sleep I need EXACTLY

Run a Half Marathon in 2 hours (Oct '13)
Finish a Marathon (Oct '16)
Run a Half Marathon in 100 Minutes
Run a Trail Run of 20km length

Reach Freeletics Level 20 (Aug '15)
Reach Freeletics Level 30 (Oct '15)
Reach Freeletics Level 40 (Jul '18)
Reach Freeletics Level 50
Complete a steeplechase (Jun '17)
Do a Muscle-Up

Walk 20 meters on a slack line (5/20m)
Do a free handstand
Learn to snowboard
Master basic Parkour skills

Diet & Nutrition
Complete a 3 day water-only fast (May '17)
Complete a 5 day water-only fast (Oct '17)
Complete a 7 day water-only fast (Apr '18)
Complete a 10 day water-only fast
Go on a vegan diet for 30 consecutive days (Apr '17)
Go on a vegan diet for 6 month
Go on a raw vegan diet for 30 days

Fun & Crazy
Win a table tennis trophy (Aug ’04)
Explore Table Tennis further
Complete a 60 day NoFap challenger

Specific Skills
Get a laser eye surgery (Sep '15)
Establish a morning routine (Dec ’15)
Get good at touch typing (Aug '17)
Learn to juggle with 3 balls (Jul '18)
Reestablish my mindful morning routine (Dec ’18)
Learn to juggle with 4 balls
Perfect touch typing
Learn a material art (e.g. Tai chi)

(Social maintenance & growth)

>> Call Parents and Grandma every week; Meet at least one friend every week <<

Accept the parts of my body I consider ugly, but are outside my circle of influence (Oct ’13)

Passionate love
Find a soulmate (Dec '17)
Kiss a girl at New Years Eve (Dec ’18)
Move together with my girlfriend
Parent a boy
Parent a girl

Compassionate love
Be a good godfather
Parent a dog
Parent a persian cat
Parent a bonsai tree

Experience Oneness (Nov '16)
Find a way to experience Oneness on a regular basis

Leave a €100 tip at a restaurant
Change someones life for the better
Save someones life (literally speaking!)
Donate 50.000€ for a good cause
Tithe starting from the age of 40

(Ludic maintenance & growth)

>> Cross of 1 big thing of this list every year <<

Visit one new country every year
2011: Canada, New York
2016: California, Arizona
2017: Thailand, Laos
2018: Vietnam, Myanmar
2019: India, Belgium
Visit the largest cities in my home country
Berlin (Aug '08)
Hamburg (Aug '15)
Munich (Jun '14)
Cologne (Dec '09)
Step on all continents (including Antartica)
Vagabond through South America for 3 month
Vagabond through Australia for 3 month
See and touch a Wombat :3
Go swimming with dolphins
Scuba Dive at the Great Barrier Reef
See a huuuge, ugly spider
Visit Alaska
Chill on Hawaii for 2 weeks
Cruise the Caribbean
Have a vacation on the Seychelles
Visit New Zealand
Visit Japan
Visit New York and see Times Square at night (Oct '11)
Visit Niagra Falls (Aug '11)
Visit Canada (Aug '11)
Gamble in Las Vegas (Nov '16)
Watch night sky from the desert (Nov '16)
Get goose bumps because of breathtaking nature (Nov '16)
Vagabond through South East Asia for 3 month (Nov ’17)
Sight Seeing
See the Northern Lights
Visit Stonehenge (England)
Visit Machu Picchu (Peru)
Visit Victoria Falls (Zambia)
Visit City of Petra (Jordan)
Visit Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

Childhood Dreams
Produce a movie trilogy (Sep '12)
Meet Emma Watson
Get an autograpgh of Hayley Williams
Touch (shake hands with) Hayley Williams
Fire a gun

0815 / Inspired by Others
Shower in a waterfall (Jan ‘18)
Celebrate New Years in Berlin
Celebrate New Years in Sydney
Visit Tomorrowland before the age of 30

Learn to play the guitar (Oct '08)
Start a band and write a song (Apr ’13)
Give people a good time playing the guitar at a campfire
Be able to play 10 fingerstyle songs
Learn to play the ukulele
Be able to play all Paramore songs
Be able to play 50 songs from memory!
Record a song in a studio
Be able to play 10 hardcore finger style songs

Learn how to draw

Entertainment / Simply Fun
Be on TV (Apr '16)
Dance into the sunrise (Aug '16)
Go swimming with dolphins
Rate 1000 movies on IMDB 170/1000
Drive a car with 400PS for a day
Drink a 500€ Champagne

Learn Pen Twisting
Learn Card Shuffling
Learn Classic Dancing

(Professional maintenance & growth)

>> Prime time for professional growth; 1 day a week for regeneration <<

Earn a Bachelors Degree and graduate as one of the best 10% (Sep '12)
Earn a Masters degree at a University of Excellence (Oct '17)
Earn a Doctorate in a field that harmonies with my voice and mission

Work in a company with more than 3000 employees (Sep '12)
Work in a company with less than 20 employees (Oct '16)
Become a Junior Swift Developer (~500 hours of deliberate practice) (Mar '17)
Become a Senior Swift Developer (~3.000 hours of deliberate practice)
Become an Expert Swift Developer (~10.000 hours of deliberate practice)
Build a blog related to my vocation

Earn 10.000€ on the stock market
Earn and deserve 70.000 € a year
Build a passive income of 500€/month
Reduce professional work to 4 days a week

Lifestyle Design
Build a career, that gives me the freedom to work when and how I want (Jun '18)
Build a career, that gives me the freedom to work where I want
Build a career, that gives me the freedom to be totally authentic in what I do
Build a career, that supports my mission and voice
Hire a virtual assistant for mundane tasks
Start my own (side-) business

(Authentic maintenance & growth)

>> Never do anything, that goes against my core principles <<

Fighting Fears
Go Sky diving
Go Bungee Jumping
Touch a Snake
Touch a huge Spider

Passion Projects
Build a personal website (Aug '15)
Start a blog on a topic that interests me (May '16)
Write and publish 10 blog posts (Sep '16)
Write and publish 100 blog posts (25/100)
Publish my own iOS App on the AppStore
Join the Quantified-Self movement

Write and release a book on personal growth
Explore Lucid Dreaming
Develop a taxonomy for personal growth


For an in-depth explanation of what an Impossible List is refer to this blog post (German).