iWash (2015/2016)

Problem Statement: Develop an iOS app to support the everyday washing process. Make use of image recognition of washing labels and NFC technology. For the lack of scanning availably, leverage an external NFC scanning device.

Context:  iPraktikum at TUM – customer: B/S/H.

Project Team: 7 developers, 1 coach, 1 PM.

Duration: 6 month (October 2015 - March 2016).

Role: Main iOS developer.

Delivery: Final keynote: Client Acceptance Test 2015 – iWash.


SWOOP (2016)

Problem Statement: Analyze and optimize the workflow of stroke patients. With the usage of bluetooth beacons track the position of stroke patients within the hospital building and make the staff more aware of the elapsed time. Provide a statistical analysis to detect possible workflow improvement.

Context:  iPraktikum at TUM – customer: Rechts der Isar Hospital.

Project Team: 6 developers, 1 coach, 1 PM.

Duration: 6 month (March 2016 - September 2016).

Role: Team Coach (Scrum Master).

Delivery: Final keynote: Client Acceptance Test 2016 - SWOOP.


LeadApp (2016/2017)

Problem Statement: Design and develop an application to support lead management at fairs and exhibitions. Features include business card scan, server communication, 

Context:  Full time internship at Weptun GmbH

Project Team: 8 developers.

Duration: 6 month (October 2016 - March 2017).

Role: Main developer of iOS client, PM, Quality Management and Sales.

Delivery: AppStore: LeadApp – website: https://www.leadapp.de


HieroQuest (2017)

Problem Statement: Design and develop an educational game to teach Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs using Unity 3D. Conduct an experimental study of learning outcomes.

Context:  Master's Thesis at TUM.

Project Team: Collaboration with another student of games engineering. 

Duration: 6 month (April 2017 - October 2017).

Role: Game Design and PM.

Delivery:  Apple App Store / Google Play Store.